Ashkar & Co is a collaborative private practice in Goulburn with a team made up of psychologists. We provide efficacious, evidence-based, and individualised treatment for the Goulburn community and surrounds. We administer psychometric, capacity, and educational assessments, for a variety of individuals and organisations. We also write reports for court and workcover cases.

We are aware that individuals have diverse presentations and ways of understanding themselves and their worlds. Each individual has a different interpretation of how they play their roles in society and this is shaped (or tainted) by their experiences and emotions. George Kelly’s work has had a heavy influence on the treatment we administer at Ashkar & Co. One of his most famous quotes was “if you want to know what is wrong with a person, ask them, and they may tell you”. Individuals are telling their stories to psychologists and therapists at every stage of treatment. An individual has to speak in some way, to tell their story, and we want to encourage people to be able to tell theirs.

Generally, when people speak about mental health, it is almost always assumed that we are thinking predominately about psychopathological explanations of problems – that is, in terms of symptoms of psychological disorders and complaints. By including the word ‘positive’ before ‘mental health’ it implies we don’t just focus on the symptoms or diagnosis, we focus on ways we can improve an individual’s mental wellbeing.

Our aim is to empower people to help themselves in achieving positive mental health. We want to help people understand that their lives are bigger than any particular circumstance or diagnosis and that these things do not define them.

Our Office

Why Ashkar & Co

We are an innovative and forward thinking practice with a focus on increasing our patients’ positive mental health through client centered care. We aim to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of our clients and reducing the stigma around mental health through the physical design of our office space. 

We have made every effort to design our office space in a way that feels homely, warm and inviting so that individuals feel safe and comfortable to share their stories.

There is a considerable gap in the services available to children and young people in Goulburn and we are heavily focused on the mental wellbeing of this age group. Our principal psychologist has over 9 years experience working with children and adolescents aged 3-25 in a variety of settings and is committed to providing a safe place for young people and their families to navigate through life’s challenges. 

With a team that is so multidisciplinary, we are able to provide a holistic approach to the mental wellbeing of our clients.


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